A rough pathway through a field in a misty mountain valley.

North by Seven is a project dedicated to people committed to personal growth. Here, psychology and faith are at crossroads with life. No previous knowledge of either is necessary, rather, that commitment to betterment is where we’ll find connection.

This is a place for curiosity, not for rigid thinking. This is a place for constructive critique, not callous criticism. This is a place for your growing edge, not numbing comfort.

Personal growth isn’t as simple as gaining knowledge. Growth is grappling with who you are, what you believe, what you know, and being transformed by that struggle. The growing edge is like riding a wave, like tending a garden, like climbing a mountain. It takes thought, dedication, perspiration. It takes those scary moments where your feet have left the ground, and you’re waiting to land again. It’s a loud adventure. It’s silence looking into the glass-smooth pond. It takes on so many forms because it is so personal and so comprehensive of all that you are; no single aspect of you gets left untouched when you commit to personal growth.

I am a student of psychology and a follower of Christ. These are the two main perspectives I will be coming from. I will be exploring their harmony and disharmony, and sharing with you along the way. I do not expect you to share either my knowledge or my beliefs, but I will be working actively to make this a place to respectfully share questions and struggles. We’re all on this wild ride of life together, and we can definitely learn from each other.

I expect you to get involved. This isn’t a static site, a monologue, a eavesdropping journal read of someone else’s life – North by Seven is a dynamic dialogue, a relentless pursuit of insight and betterment, and a place to interact with like-minded others. Whatever your perspective, bring it in peaceable honor and we can learn from each other; no one has time for fruitless negativity, so you can leave that stuff behind.

It starts with me and with you. I’m committed to personal growth – are you?

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