The Treasure of a King

Looking up on high majestic stained glass windows.

I’ve seen roses red,

And deepest oceans blue,

Yet in all that I’ve traveled,

I’ve met no one like you.

We may all bleed the same,

And we may all struggle the same,

But no one smiles like you;

No one laughs like you.

You were handmade uniquely by God.

And when you were born uniquely you,

He smiled down and said it was good;

For He loves you through and through.

Anything for you, that I could bring,

Comes first from the treasures of a King.

So I’ll share the absolute best thing:

The love of my Saviour, worthy to sing.

Whether you cry tears of pain or tears of joy,

He alone will provide blessings for you;

Love far greater than any girl or boy,

His commitment to you remains ever true.

Wherever you are right now in this world,

Even if you can’t remember when you last smiled;

Remember this and lift your head up high and bold,

You are loved and cared for as a heavenly child.

In all that I’ve traveled,

I’ve met no one like you.

I’ve seen roses red,

know that you are lovely too.

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

Valentine’s day is a wonderful and miserable day. We rally all our emotionality for one specific day and make or break ourselves on its singular success. We’re knocked out of our good senses, and we’re cashed in on our heartbreak and despair. I’ve been there. I see you. You’re worth it. The only act of bestowing worth that can be found for free is in love given over lovelessness, and the greatest example of which I know, is the One who died for you and I while you and I were still loveless and unlovable. It’s wild, unfathomable, and radically transforming. In Jesus, we can live loved and love loving the loveless.

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