That Man of Galilee

On the day that hope died before our eyes, we stood there broken, confused, and out of control. Our efforts and strengths lay before us as lies, the mightiest among us had nothing to show.   For three days we […]

The Lost One

A click and a whir echoed through the room as the last piece fell into place, life thrummed into the hulk of scraps the craftsman had painstakingly cobbled together with care. He stepped back and surveyed his masterpiece. One by […]

Of Porn and other Fantasies

Did you know that Blu-ray won the format war against HD-DVD mainly because of support from the porn industry? Or that in 2006, porn had a recorded $97 billion dollar revenue globally? That’s about equal to the GDP of Canada […]

Of Honey and Decay

I am but a vagrant intoxicated by the fumes of decay, this is the life I have known. I am but a vagrant comforted by the debris of ancient splendor. We won this war, they said, we won and it was mighty, they said. […]