Oh Abraham, you man of faith. How your heart must have trembled, and your hands have shook- yet you held firm, and are honored in the Book. Oh Abraham, you man of faith. The climb was long, and your heart […]

Embrace the Weirdo

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” – Hebrews 13:2 Picture this. You’re minding your own business, strolling casually down the street with your thoughts running off to where they always run […]

The Treasure of a King

Roses are red, Oceans are blue, In all that I’ve traveled, I’ve met no one like you.   We may all bleed the same, And we may all struggle the same, But no one smiles like you, No one laughs […]

When It Is Hard To Care

There’s that person that hangs out at the back of the church. Quiet. Different. Alone. They stand back and watch as everyone greets their friends and families with smiles on their faces. Everyone around them is either bowed deep in […]

Concrete Oasis

Love like gentle waves. Love like soothing streams. Love like passionate torrents.   Let this love flow within me, lifting me up. Let me be consumed by this love. Let this love pour out of me.   To soothe those […]

A Lesson In Letting Go

Out of nowhere, you’re brought to your knees again by a cruel turn in life. You’re emotionally winded and spent. You’re in pain and confused. You realize finally that something has to change; something needs to be let go of. […]

Higher Ground

I’ve traveled this valley, and my feet are dusty and worn Lord I am so weary I long for higher ground.   The trials have been many, And moments of rest few. I seek the land of plenty, I seek […]

The Lost One

A click and a whir echoed through the room as the last piece fell into place, life thrummed into the hulk of scraps the craftsman had painstakingly cobbled together with care. He stepped back and surveyed his masterpiece. One by […]

What is Man?

What is man? Man, who in urgent hurry delves into all yet takes no time to reflect- Who is unsettled and disturbed, and tries to deflect. Man who is surrounded by beauty, and scars it with inquisitions. Who renders and […]

The Voyage

  Mist splashed my face as the ship bowed deeply after cresting that last wave. I hardly noticed the spray as the torrential rain poured down mercilessly on me from a black sky. My stomach lurched into my throat as […]