About Me

NorthbySevenProfilePictureI’m Tony, and welcome to North by Seven. This site is dedicated to exploration, and to living with direction and intention. When we use a compass, North is always the point of reference. That stable direction helps us to find our place  no matter where we end up. Seven is a number of intrigue, wholeness, and divinity. We can journey by seven days at a time, by seven steps at a time, by seven degrees relative to North, or with seven friends. I’m usually reading no less than seven books. Each of these symbolic interpretations is equally valid to understanding North by Seven. Seven is also a symbolic number tied to paradise; that’s my intended direction, and I’ve got much to share on the way.

I’m somewhat addicted to learning, and if I find something–anything–written with personal passion, I’m hooked. If that something happens to be a lawn-mower instruction manual, who am I to judge a book by its cover? I love coffee, conversation, and company. Bring me any of those three and we’ve got enough common ground to connect.

I’m a masters student of psychology, with a deep appreciation for philosophy and sociology. As far back as my memory serves, I’ve had a passion for understanding people to better serve them and help them succeed. There is nothing more satisfying to me than witnessing someone discover the ability to change their lives for the better. That’s part of why I write, and that’s all of why I study. Featured Post: Stressed Out

I am passionate about the arts and the philosophy behind them. Stories are often the best way to share meaning, and to experience something we cannot do and feel directly. The world of the imagination is a powerful place, and I believe it is the most untapped human resource. Featured Story: The Lost One

You’ll notice that I take my faith in God seriously, and that will be an undertone and unifying theme to most of my writing. Sometimes it will be the focus. I firmly believe that there is a strong complementary relationship between faith and reason. It is my goal to show that in all that I write to challenge my readers to be more thoughtful about their own spirituality. Featured Post: The Other Side of the Cross

Like what you’ve read? Want to keep connected? Feel free to contact me on Twitter at @northbyseven, on Instagram at @northbyseven, or by email at tony@northbyseven.com. I’d love to hear from you and discuss the finer things in life. Pick a topic, any topic, and we’ll make it a conversation.