Of Honey and Decay

I am but a vagrant intoxicated by the fumes of decay, this is the life I have known.

I am but a vagrant comforted by the debris of ancient splendor. We won this war, they said, we won and it was mighty, they said.

I am but a vagrant, cheered – no wait, jeered on by them. Who are they? And who did we even defeat? It was a war in the dark.

My weapon was directed by their words, my heart filled by their passions. Or were they mine? I never knew who they were – I never saw them. I am but a vagrant, blinded by the mire of the sky.

I am but a vagrant intoxicated by the fumes of decay, comforted by the debris of ancient splendor.

I am but a vagrant jeered on by them – or me, blinded by the mire of the sky.

So who are you?

Reaching out to me. Your hands are clean pillars of marble, your clothes are white mountain snow. I’ve seen you before…

Your eyes are kind as a fathers, your smile is warm as the setting sun – flashes of war.

So who are you?

I’ve seen you before… Your perfumes reek of honey, your touch is comfort; you lift me up – flashes of war.

Your word is a knife cutting the filth away. Your face shines – oh it shines like the sun.

I want more!

I am but a vagrant, and you are so pure.

I am but a vagrant, yet you reach out to me.

I give you my hands, you wash them clean.

I give you my face, the filth is wiped away.

I give you my rags, a white robe is bestowed.

It smells of honey – flashes of war.

I am but a vagrant, I have seen you before. I spit in your face, I walked out your door.

You chased after me, and I brought you war. The scars on your hands – the scar on your side.

I am but a vagrant, yet in me you confide. They said you were dead, now their jeers are hollow.

They said we had won, I was a fool to follow. After all that I had done, you made a way for me.

The beauty of filth, is now sickness to me. I am but a child, no longer a vagrant to you.

Lead me in your way, my eyes have been made anew. I was but a vagrant, now I belong to you.

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